Friends and Family Benefit from Funeral Streaming

Funeral streaming (live or recorded) has been around for years, but recently is gaining large scale popularity and becoming an expectation which provides a range of benefits to families:

  • Allows people to acknowledge reality of death
  • A platform to remember the person who died
  • Great way to educate viewers about the value of a funeral
  • Increases the network of support
  • Opportunity to revisit the funeral
  • Supports a healthy grieving process
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Giving your Business Global Coverage

When funeral streaming is delivered at an affordable rate, we see a trend of families creating an extended online community using our platform as a tool for funeral service delivery.

Naoca is a reliable content delivery platform and can deliver streams across the globe. Our viewers mostly come from (not in order):















 Hong Kong












 New Zealand











 The Netherlands

 United Kingdom

 United States

Peace of Mind

We are a global technology provider focused on solving the complex challenges that funeral homes, cemeteries, and crematories encounter every day so they can focus on what is most important – serving their families.

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The team at Northern Suburbs Memorial Gardens and Crematorium felt that every family should have access to a funeral stream as part of their experience.


Naoca provided a basic set of streaming equipment that could easily integrate with their existing AV system, empowering staff to manage and control the streaming aspect of the funeral.


Over the last three years, Northern have delivered funeral streams and service recordings to over 124,000 families and friends.



The team at Burstow’s Funerals wanted to provide a seamless Funeral Experience to families and friends that could not attend funerals and were clear that they wanted this delivered specifically through their website to make it easy for viewers to find.


Burstow’s were able to make use of their existing AV equipment to push a stream to our platform once we provided an RTMP URL. Burstow’s also make use of a local streaming company who use Naoca to deliver streams from external venues through their website.


In 2.5 years Burstow’s have over 92,000 views on their funerals watched via their website. Burstow’s also make use of the extra media features such as adding orders of service, photo galleries and service venue details.



McKenzie Family Funerals are new clients and wish to upload funeral recordings to their website so that families can access and download service media as they choose.


McKenzie Family Funerals do not live stream, but can record services from their local funeral venues and upload these after the service.


Naoca is helping McKenzie Family Funerals to deliver service to their local and global community which is having a positive impact on their business and the experience of their clients.