Share the Service Video

You don’t even have to live stream. Rather than handing out service recordings on USB or CD, upload the entire service for people to access online.

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Live Streaming

An immersive live experience to help your audience feel involved in the service.

Video on Demand

Upload and host any content within the event’s landing page on your website.

Website Integration

It’s your service. Host it on your website and gain exposure for your business.

Available whenever you need

Re-visiting the service later can help with the grieving process. That’s why all your streams are available as Video on Demand (VOD) as soon as the event is over. You can also replace any video without changing the URL or losing your stats, views and comments.

All the storage you’ll ever need

Naoca has no storage limit. We hold all content in our premium access storage for 13 months before we move it to our ‘available on demand’ storage.


Your audience can download the service to their own device, allowing them to watch it at any time.

Upload any video content

All videos can be made downloadable, allowing your viewers to revisit the experience at any time. Naoca provides, simple tools for any professional funeral team and organisation to create, manage and share high-quality videos.

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You’re in control



A cornerstone of our service. Not only do we provide all videos and content ad-fee, but our platform is completely customisable allowing you to control and promote your brand image.


Secure Streams

Keep your private streams secure with PIN protection. With access to advanced analytics in real time, you can monitor your stream quality and remain in total control.